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Vivaz, a Brazilian couture label that counts on glamour and sequins

" Vivaz, a Brazilian label founded by Elisabeth Faria in 1998, exemplifies perfectly hand-made, very couture pieces. The show takes place at her new ateliers in Belo Horizonte. Includes an interview.Life in Brazil beats to the rhythm of the samba and revolves around all that glitters as is the case for Vivaz, a label created in 1998 by Elisabeth Faria as a brand specialising in evening wear. Surrounded by her two daughters Camilla and Isabela and with the help of her studio, the designer, (who sells her clothes in more than 120 stores across Brazil but also in Europe and the Middle East), highlights her knowledge of all things handmade. It is in her ultra modern factory in Belo Horizonte, before the eyes of her atelier workers executing and putting the finishing touches to her designs, that her collection for winter 2014 is revealed. There is a successful union between evening outfits with a touch of sportswear and layering effects; long, art-deco style dresses adorned with grey beads, tunic-jumpers stitched onto plain dresses or skirts. Gowns embroidered with pearls shimmer like fish scales, a mixture of long and short produced in deep and sensual colours accentuate this embellished femininity of the entire collection… Interview: Elisabeth Faria: I am really happy because I am launching this new factory right now so there are a lot of employees who have been working with us for fifteen years and now they have a really huge space where they can work in a calm, really good atmosphere. The work that they do involves a lot of passion because we work with hand-made products so we have to do it with a lot of love and patience and this new space brings all this to the employers so we are really happy because of it. Music from the show.

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