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Models : Faces to follow in 2014 !

France, Paris, Mon 30 , 2013 (Relaxnews/ParisModes)Models : Faces to follow in 2014 !

The Fashion Market !

France, Paris, Mon 30 , 2013 (Relaxnews/ParisModes)The Fashion Market !

Look out for the latest young designers !

France, Paris, Mon 30 , 2013 (Relaxnews/ParisModes)Look out for the latest young designers !


No has encontrado tu look más 'hot' para fin de año? aún estas a tiempo¡¡
Repasamos las tendencias; 80's, 90's y 50's.

Alexa Chung nos inspira con este vestido negro como fondo de armario; pero con insinuantes transparencias.
Cazadora 'biker' y 'stiletto'; rock 90's y romanticismo, el mix&match perfecto.

4.- Bolso multicolor Asos.

La blogger Alexandra Pereira recupera los 80's con este vestido 'encorsetado' en dorado y negro inspirado por Balmain.

4.- Bolso dorado de Asos.

Dulce y elegante, Kate Bosworth también apuesta por las transparencias pero en clave romántica y 'fancy'. El look más sencillo y 'glam' de la alfombra roja inspirado en los 50's.

3.- Abrigo 'pata de gallo' de Zara.
4.- Bolso-caja de Zara.

Y si quieres anticiparte a las tendencias apuesta por el fucsia como Gwyneth Paltrow. Valentino lo combina con transparencias y nosotros con complementos y maquillaje 'nude'.
Toda una declaración de intenciones...ser la protagonista.

3.- Bolso de mano de Zara trf colección.
4.- Cazadora de polipiel de Zara.

'Last minute' para tu 'outfit' del 2014...este fin de año va de vestidos 'glam'.

María Vi.

Year In Review: Hottest Red Carpet Moments 2013

There was a lot of action on the red carpet from the Oscars, Emmy's Grammy's and much more. We picked the hottest moments on the red carpet in 2013 for you to enjoy again and again.


Petite, curvy, slim o manzana.
Tú decides la silueta, nosotros te proponemos el look 'party night'.

Nuestra experta es Miroslava Duma, 1'55 metros de puro estilo.
Alarga su silueta combinando medias y zapatos y acortando al máximo sus prendas.

El truco de Miroslava...taconazos¡¡¡
El nuestro, estos shorts de lentejuelas...

Taylor Swift, de frágil silueta y tendencia al 'vintage' acierta cuando se decide por el rojo.
Los colores brillantes te favorecen; chica 'slim'.

El truco de Taylor; el zapato, escoge 'nude', alarga la silueta y combina a la perfección.
Para conseguir su look descubre nuestros vestidos rojos aquí.

Blake Lively sabe sacar partido a su lado más sexy. 
Cuando apuesta por los 'long dress' acierta resaltando su escote y dando más altura a su silueta.

Asombra a todos con este vestido 'Versace' de alfombra roja...sino eres muy alta súbete a un taconazo¡¡¡

La modelo Tara Lynn sabe aprovechar sus curvas al máximo...los vestidos palabra de honor resaltan su escote; eso si, imprescindible corte imperio.

Descubre tu lado más sexy con estos tres vestidos 'palabra de honor' combinados con nuestros 'stilettos' negros.

Olivia Palermo, toda una 'it girl' con formas rectas a las que sabe sacar partido luciendo vestidos 'brilli' que le aportan volumen y protagonismo.

Tú también brillarás con este impresionante vestido de lentejuelas negro.

Encuéntralo en nuestra web con muchas más propuestas para estas fiestas.

María Vi.

Fashion Fails of the Week

Who says you're never too old for prom? We do! Sorry Juliette Lewis, but you and your August Osage County premiere look are way deserving of a fashion fail this week! The purple dress needs to be sent back to the "90's" where it belongs! Nothing can come close to what Kristen Wiig wore to the Anchorman 2 premiere! Her Prada dress just screams fashion fail! Justin Bieber managed to look all holiday in a red two-piece, but still not our favorite look. Cheers to the new year and some hopefully better dressed celebs!

A fresh start for Viktor & Rolf who open their first flagship store in Paris

2013 marks a big year for Viktor & Rolf, who since 2008 have belonged to Staff International (part of Renzo Rosso’s group). Whilst celebrating the 20th anniversary of their label, the Dutch Duo Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsting also extol their return to haute couture as well as the start of their international development with the opening of their first flagship store in Paris. An exclusive meeting with both designers.2013 marks a big year for Viktor & Rolf. Whilst celebrating the 20th anniversary of their label, the Dutch duo Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsting also extol new challenges; a comeback as a member of the haute couture world as well as developing their label on an international level, by the opening of their first flagship store in Paris, an expansion backed by Staff International, part of Renzo Rosso’s group that has owned Viktor & Rolf since 2008. Interviews: Viktor Horsting: We became part of the group because on a business level it is good for us because obviously it will allow us to grow but then the owner of the group who is Enzo Rosso, he is also a creative guy. Rolf Snoeren: I think, nowadays, everybody needs a partner to grow in business. Viktor Horsting: For us, it was very important that it was in Paris because we have always shown here; we started here showing haute couture, we show our ready-to-wear so we really consider Paris to be like our fashion home. Rolf Snoeren: We would like a store that kind of is invisible, a store that is not really there. Then, we started brainstorming and came up with the idea to make everything in one fabric so it is quite extreme. Viktor Horsting: It makes you think of something classical but it is also absent, it is more about what is not there than what is being shown and then the fact that it is all executed in grey felt gives it a very surreal twist obviously. Rolf Snoeren: We feel this is a good starting point for future expansion and that really is the language for future stores and corners. Viktor Horsting: It is a bit like a template; we wanted to work not only on a store that is a one-off, we wanted to work on a visual style that could be declined to corners and future stores. Rolf Snoeren: After twenty years of existence, this is what we celebrated this year, to go back to couture next to the ready-to-wear shows and opening a shop for us makes it feel as if we really fit in every category of fashion. Viktor Horsting: It feels very complete. Music free of right/Bandit & Nikit - 2012.

Party Outfits: Men put on their party suits

Sensual gowns, detailed bustiers and chic necklines, sparkling, transparent sequins: before every party, the dress reinvents itself for an even more glamorous look. Includes interviews with Donatella Versace, Elie Saab, Raf Simons, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Giambattista Valli.Before every party, we ask ourselves endless questions about dress choice: should I wear sequins? Do I go for short or long? Designers have countless ideas for suggesting and reinterpreting dresses that so beautifully showcase women. This season, do not hesitate to pick out a rather short cocktail dress. A bonus is that teamed with accessories and a jacket, this kind of dress can be easily worn multiple times for different occasions. Take note of the return to a certain sensual glamour. This is translated onto dresses through asymmetrical shoulders, revealing legs through large splits, low-cut necklines and low backs. Some even choose to play with transparency. Another winning touch on a dress is the bustier effect. Women go mad for it and they pull it off brilliantly. Of course, parties allow us to wear daringly all that glitters: rhinestones, sequins and other glistening pearls are popular as ever. This season, originality lies in the choice of embroidery and other embellishments, like a piece of art. Lastly, you can even be adventurous with volumes, but not just anywhere. If you choose to emphasise volume on the top, go for simplicity and subtleness on the lower half and vice-versa. Interviews: Donatella Versace: My idea was to present the woman as super glamorous, with precise hair and make-up, details in the clothes, and using hoops and eyes which reveal and conceal at the same time. Elie Saab: It really was this desire to present a very delicate, fragile woman. That is why most of the dresses are transparent. Raf Simons: The bustier, of course, is a piece that is very pure in the way that it shows the body and the way it shows the woman, the waist and the breasts. And I thought it was in itself already a beautiful element to build on. Maria Grazia Chiuri: That’s the mix that we want to find in our dress; a really couture shape with elements of embellishment that reminds us of the natural elements. Giambattista Valli: I already had this idea of doing something extremely light, giving everything volume. We dress so many women around the world that it is no longer a question of season. It isn’t a question of the weather; it just has to be something that floats in the breeze, something dream-like. Music free of right/Bandit & Nikit 2012.

Party Outfits: the tuxedo, an alternative to the LBD…

An alternative to the little black dress, the tuxedo is the perfect basic for avoiding a fashion faux pas and being elegant and chic in any situation.An alternative to the little black dress, the suit is the perfect basic for avoiding fashion faux pas and being elegant and chic in any situation. Whether literally translated or reinvented, you never get fed up with it especially as designers seize the opportunity to deliver new versions. So, during the build-up to end-of-year parties, why not opt for a tuxedo?! Here is a selection…an uncluttered, graphic version. Worn over a minimalist top, a jacket lined with satin, without buttons and a sharp cut. Simplicity reigns equally at Haider Ackermann, in a long style. Jean-Paul Gaultier loves to revisit classics, delivering on the runway a slightly 80s version of a satin double-breasted jacket with large pockets embroidered in jet-black, contrasting with the opacity of crepe trousers. Roberto Cavalli opts for a smoking jacket that highlights the silhouette with a gilet that curves the bust whilst the back is in satin and printed with patterns. Black and white on a short, square-shouldered jacket from Roland Mouret. At Versace, studded leather thigh-high boots and Spencer jacket lapels with flashes of metallic galvanise this ensemble. Diametrically opposed Mary Katrantzou goes for size in volume and in length and plays with prints tone on tone. Another variation is the smoking jumpsuit, very chic from Hermès and like a second skin from Alexandre Vauthier. Sexy with a top hanging as you dare, with rhinestones, sequins and an open vest over a bra. Cuts reach new levels of modernity, and why not try the sobriety of female tailcoats with the lining discretely embroidered in sequins. Music free of right/Bandit & Nikit 2012.

Party Outfits: an accessory completes a look

" Bags, jewellery, gloves, belts; an accessory makes a fashion statement and punctuates your look during these end-of-year festivities! Includes interviews with Michael Kors, Matthew Williamson, Alber Elbaz and Dean&Dan Caten.Whether giving hair a rock’n’roll touch or for a look stamped with softness, an accessory can spice up any bland outfit, giving it a bit more character. Hence, its importance…from bags to jewellery, gloves and belts, accessories are a striking fashion aspect, used to punctuate your look during this end-of-year period… The first element: gloves. Teamed with a bustier dress or as a continuation of a jacket, the glove brings a hint of elegance and completes an outfit. Long or short, in leather, it modernizes and personalizes a silhouette. In monochrome or in contrasting colours, printed and matching your clothes, it is completely graphic and chic. In tulle, hung from the wrist or in netting embroidered with rhinestones, it lights up a simple outfit. Secondly, we have the belt. This winter, it gives the waist a metallic touch. Rather impressive, it encircles both daytime clothes and eveningwear…The final essential element is jewellery. And all its individuality resides in the way you wear it, whether just on an ear, or tightening up hair…With more elaborate vision, it launches clothing into 3D. You can overindulge, you can hoard them… A true ornamentation, jewellery lights up every silhouette with its radiance. In short, accessories permit all fantasies and it would be a shame to leave it behind when welcoming in the New Year… Interviews: Michael Kors: The funny thing about their accessories, I like things that are kind of a punctuation point but at the same time I think about function. Matthew Williamson: It’s about decoration and ornamentation and I love that 3D approach. Alber Elbaz: I want to try to work with plenty of elements, with cuts, with volume, with stories, with flowers, with insects, with words, with flat shoes, with heels, with colours, with black, with white, everything works. Dean & Dan Caten: The accessories are a little bit oversized like the bowties are big, the jewellery is big. It’s time to just have fun with fashion. Music free of right/Bandit & Nikit 2012.

The Chanel Métiers d’Art show 2013/14 took place in Dallas in the United States

Every year in December, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld transport us to atypical places around the world – this time, to Dallas in Texas – for a spectacular show celebrating the Métiers d’Art…Includes interviews with Karl Lagerfeld, Kristen Stewart, Zoe Kravitz and Geraldine Chaplin.Every year in December, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld transport us to atypical places around the world – this time, to Dallas in Texas – for a show honouring the Métiers d’Art, these houses that Chanel has acquired over the years, consequently ensuring its survival (Lesage, Maison Michel, Lemarié, Desrues, etc. and more recently Causse and Barrie Knitwear). For the 2013/14 collection, a reconstructed rodeo barn within the famous art-deco building of Dallas Fair Park, welcomed the cowgirls in shirred tweed suits, denim dresses and jackets or leather ensembles mingle with Squaws, feathers crowning their heads, and wearing blouses with fringed sleeves, thick, printed scarves and ponchos or long sequined gowns embroidered with stars… Once again, a wonderful way of taking inspiration from revisited world cultures and creating something modern, evoking the story of the double C house and its creator – Dallas is the city where Coco Chanel received the Neiman Marcus prize in 1957-, in celebration of the knowledge and handcraft of these exceptional Métiers d’Art. Guests come from around the world, including Kristen Stewart, the muse for this Paris-Dallas collection, to attend a drive-in where Karl Lagerfeld’s second film ‘The Return’ was projected and ended the evening with a country hoedown… Interviews: Karl Lagerfeld: It is a mix of the kind of refined American culture from the early 19th century, but put into the 21st century. It is an idea, it is a feeling. I wanted to avoid everything that was too first degree. I think I wanted a poetic touch. That is my job and I have great people who work with me. I couldn’t do it alone, from Virginie to every girl who takes care of one department. Even if I develop the idea and the sketches all myself, because I don’t even do that, but to work it out, you need great people. Every detail is important and you cannot do it just like that. Everything has to be elaborate, refined and beautifully done and we are lucky that we have the companies to do that. Chanel sells all over the world, the clothes are supposed to be worn all over the world but they can have a local ethnic inspiration but at the same time, it has to have a universal touch and not to be something folkloric because then it would be limited. Kristen Stewart: It’s transportive. It takes you somewhere else and without feeling remotely like a costume. Everything was really elegantly beautiful and forward and kind of badass and yet cowboy themed which you wouldn’t think went together. Zoe Kravitz: I thought it was amazing. He literally combined all of my favourite things like the Civil War inspired, Native American, Mexico thing is the most amazing thing I have ever seen and it’s the way that I like to wear Chanel. My favourite thing about Chanel is that if you pair it with something really worn down it is the most amazing combination to me and he did that tonight and it was mind-blowing. Geraldine Chaplin: He is a great artist and he is a hard worker, but especially a great artist and he’s a visionary and he’s a genius. Music of thee fashion show.

18th edition of the Designers' Christmas Trees

At the heart of the Salomon de Rothschild Hotel in Paris, the 18th edition of the Designers’ Christmas Trees association has rooted its forest abundant in creative and iconic works, dreamed-up by the biggest names in couture, design and gastronomy. Includes interviews with Marie-Christiane Marek, Chantal Thomass, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Kenzo Takada, Pascale Mussard, Stanislassia Klein, Stéphane Rolland and Yiqing Yin. At the heart of the Salomon de Rothschild Hotel in Paris, the 18th edition of the Designers’ Christmas Trees Association, an idea founded by Marie-Christiane Marek, has rooted its forest abundant in creative and iconic works, dreamed-up by the biggest names in couture, design and gastronomy. Jean-Paul Gaultier, Stéphane Rolland, Pierre Hermé, Olivia Putman, all came forward and invented unique pieces auctioned off to raise money for the fight against cancer for professor Khayat’s A.V.E.C foundation. An auction followed by a gala dinner brought together numerous celebrities who rallied around this worthy cause and an event that has become unmissable over the years… Interviews: Marie-Christiane Marek: I chose Professor David Khayat’s foundation three years ago. I thought that research in this area needed to be helped out and absolutely all the funds collected from the auction are completely donated to the foundation. We refused some this year but we still have about forty Christmas trees including some by big names. Chantal Thomass: It’s always tricky at the start because you ask yourself ‘but what am I going to do?’ as I have already done ten or fifteen and then something came to me, I invented this utterly silly idea that interlock together, a sort of game that interlocks together but you can do it with a young woman. Jean-Paul Gaultier: How do you dress a Christmas tree? Well, there you go. You put a corset on it and it’s perfect. We gave it vinegar so that we could tighten the waist. The chest is strong and engaging. She is very well-endowed, next time it will be a sailor shirt! Kenzo Takada: I made this tree from crane origami, almost 1000 pieces of crane, which will bring plenty of good luck. Pascale Mussard: We had to think about something that suits us at ‘petit h’, so by reusing materials, that is something that we share with Isabelle Leloup. Isabelle has suggested something that I think it brilliant, light, mobile, portable, using our beautiful materials. Stanislassia Klein: I have always been guiding line in my work incorporating tulle, fairy land and enchantments. At times, I say to myself, I make clothes that belong in the dustbin and that mean nothing. And there, all of a sudden, I find that it turns out to be a creative piece of work and frankly, I find that fantastic. Stéphane Rolland: I collaborated with Raphel Amargo who was one of the best flamenco dancers in the world, if not the best. I imagined him in a snow coat; he was away on tour so I jumped on a plane and I went to see him in Istanbul. We took the photo and I left. Yiqing Yin: This sculpture of 3640 pieces of thread I believe, held together with pearls and secured at the bottom. We are still a young house, we function with the help of a lot of interns and so that was also an occasion to unite the teams and let everybody work together. Marie-Christiane Marek: For the first time, we did a first edition last year in Japan, and this year we have the Belgian edition. And in theory, next year in New York. I think it’s great to export this idea and that the Designers’ Christmas trees grow. Music free of right/Bandit & Nikit - 2012


El muy esperado 'Festivalet' vuelve a abrir sus puertas este fin de semana. 

Los días 14 y 15 de Diciembre en el Museu Marítim de Barcelona podremos ver las propuestas más originales y divertidas de jóvenes diseñadores del 'slow fashion'.

Con mucho mimo, cariño e ilusión estos jóvenes nos presentan creaciones hechas con sus propias manos; joyería, tricot, jabones, decoración...

No te lo puedes perder; la entrada tan solo cuesta 1€.

La propuesta madrileña para estas fiestas se llama 'Nómada Market'.
A partir de mañana día 13 y hasta el domingo en el ático de la estación de Chamartín.

Nuevos talentos que comercializan sus originales creaciones; hechas por ellos mismos.
Diseños, arte, moda y tendencias que podrás ver por 1€.

Y en ambos encontrarás puestos de cerveza artesana y comida ...una buena alternativa a los regalitos de estas fiestas.
No te pierdas tampoco en Santiago de Compostela el 'Mercado da estrela' del 14 al 15 de Diciembre...originales regalos navideños de diseñadores locales.

Y del 20 de Diciembre al 5 de Enero en Valencia podrás disfrutar del 'Christmas Space Festival', mercadillo creativo con muchas ideas.

Escoge el tuyo...

María Vi.

Fashion Fails of the Week

Hello wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen! Carla Gugino's Herve Leger really pushed the limits on how low she could go without showing off too much of the girls. The next fashion fail of the week is a blast from the past. Yes, Veronica Corningstone and Ron Burgandy walked the carpet for the UK Anchorman 2 premiere, and we are not fans of her look. The nude lace number washes Christina Applegate out and totally ages her. Then there's Kristen Bell whose ill fitting combo and odd pattern is totally not working!


Ya están aquí las fiestas y todos sus compromisos; cenas de empresa,reuniones con amigos...
En Abretucloset te proponemos 4 looks para que dejes 'ojipláticos' a todos¡¡¡
Y lo mejor de todo es que puedes llevarlos a la oficina, crea tu fondo de armario 'glam' y consigue un 'look afterwork'.

El estilo 'vintage' de los lunares y las sandalias años 40 necesitaban la dulzura de esta diadema 'estrellada'.

1.-Vestido de lunares.                  
3.- Bolso rojo de Zara.                   
4.- Abrigo negro de pelo de Asos.
5.- Diadema de Topshop.   


Estilo 'pin up'; con short de terciopelo y abrigo años 90 con 'crop jersey', todo un 'must have' este invierno.

La tendencia 'lencera' arrasa por la noche, combinado con el abrigo 'biker' resulta muy 'cañero'.

1.- Top lencero de Zara.                  
2.- Pantalón pitillo gris.                  
5.- Perfume 'flowerbomb'.                

Sexy y romántico; con short de cintura alta y 'crop top'. La elegancia de la americana de 'Hoss Intropia' y los zapatos 'cut out' hacen de este 'outfit' un 10.

2.- Sandalias 'cut out'.                  
3.- Bolso caja de DKNY.               
4.- Perfume 'Chloe'.                       
5.- 'Crop top' de Asos                    

No te pierdas los precios y verás porque poco puedes ser toda una 'Glam Queen' estas fiestas.
Y no olvides que también puedes vender tus 'outfits' del año pasado para dejar espacio a tu nuevo look en

María Vi.

ACA Red Carpet Style Roundup!

While everyone is buzzing about the ACA winners we can't stop talking about the fashion! Country cutie Kellie Pickler stunned on the red carpet in a turquoise and silver bejeweled dress and changed into a sparkly sapphire dress from her performance later in the show. Leann Rimes is used to showing some skin, but last night she was all covered up in a long sleeve floor length Reem Acra gown. Leann finished the look with a sleep ponytail and smoky eye! And it wasn't just the ladies who can clean up well. Jake Owen and Luke Bryan looked equally as sexy on the red carpet. Check out pics here!

The enchanting lights of Christmas, from New York to Paris

Each year, in the run-up to Christmas, the world’s biggest cities light up. Images from Paris and New York and interviews with Tony Spring, President & Chief Operating Officer and Josh Groban, singer.Each year, in the run-up to Christmas, Paris dons its brightest lights. The Champs Elysées, the world’s most beautiful avenue offers a new festive look, made up of 4000 garlands and rings that twine around the 134 trees all along the avenue. And it is actress and former model Laetitia Casta, fairy godmother for a day that had the privilege to flick the switch! Windows of the biggest shops also display their creativity and magic as at Galeries Lafayette with decorations inspired by a fairytale ‘Once upon a time at Christmas…’ An enchanted forest, drawings of creatures, guest starring ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The centerpiece of the display is a magnificent Christmas tree, 20m tall planted beneath the store’s famous dome. Just around the corner, Printemps calls upon a special guest, American actress Gwyneth Paltrow who came to unveil the 11 window displays, all designed by Prada, the trendiest ready-to-wear label, beneath whose Christmas tree we would love to find a Prada signed parcel. Snow is falling in Paris and at Bon Marché with an animated Christmas incorporating a graphic gold and white look, a dreamy invitation to a magical forest. Across the Atlantic, in New York, world-famous department store Barneys provides in all its windows, a futuristic insight into Christmas, an idea conceived by French artist, Joanie Lemercier, centered around a lights’ display. Father Christmas, dressed all in white, swaps his traditional sledge for a faster, more innovative mode of transport, enticing visitors to soar over New York for a virtual adventure. As for the windows of huge store Bloomingdale’s, they honour an international Christmas…a festive opening included a children’s choir and a highly acclaimed concert. Interviews: Tony Spring: We had a wonderful concert with the New York children’s’ choir. They did a spectacular job, I think we had over 1000 people in the courtyard and of course the celebrity guest singer tonight was Josh Grobin. Josh Groban: We are celebrating a real New York tradition tonight which is the opening of the Bloomingdales holiday windows which, having come to New York since I was a kid for the holidays, it is something I think that we all look forward to, those moments in New York when you realise that this is the start of the season that we all find to be our favourite and this is my favourite. Music free of right/Bandit & Nikit - 2012.

Sexy Celebrity Styles 2013: A Year In Review

We have all the hottest and sexiest celebrity styles of 2013 from the most famous stars on the red carpet. Check out all the fashions.

Kate Middleton Stuns At Mandela Premiere

Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? Kate Middleton stunned in a long white gown Thursday night in London at the premiere of Mandela accessorizing her look with black shoes and a matching clutch. The Duchess kept her hair simple in a ponytail and sported a chunky necklace by Zara. Elle Macpherson also wore all white while in Miami on Thursday. The super model rocked a white dress, white clutch and white ankle booties! Ellie Goulding attended an event for Cosmo Magazine wearing a tight white corset top tucked into a long black velvet skirt, so cute! Take a look at our favorite fashion pics from last night here!

The British Fashion Awards 2013 ceremony honours Christopher Kane and Christopher Bailey

England, London, Wed 04 , 2013 (Relaxnews/ParisModes)The British Fashion Awards 2013 ceremony honours Christopher Kane and Christopher Bailey.


Instagram del día.
Los premios del 'fashionismo' británico han sido dados en 'The London Coliseum'.

Y tenemos las imágenes de una de las fiestas con más 'its', 'cools' y 'modernos' por metro cuadrado británico; son los 'British Fashion Awards 2013'.

Kate Moss y Rita Ora

Simone Rocha

Jack Guinness

Tinie Tempah y Christopher Bailey

Henry Holland

Agie y Sam

Marc Jacobs

Susie Lau

Clemence Poesy y Erdem

Sophia Webster

Ha sido un año espléndido para la moda y el estilo británico; que se refleja en el subidón mediático de sus caras más guapas...Poppy Delevingne y su hermana Cara, Emma Watson, Sienna Miller o Alexa Chung.

Poppy Delevingne

Sienna Miller

Alexa Chung

Tras 3 años consecutivos de reinado; Alexa Chung cede el trono a un merecido Harry Styles con el premio 'British Style Awards'.

Jack Guinness, Harry Styles y Alexa Chung

No pierdas de vista al vocalista de 'One Direction'; este chico es todo un 'trendsetter'. 

Más premios; inevitable el de reconocimiento especial para Kate Moss.

Marc Jacobs y Kate Moss

Christopher Kane como el mejor diseñador de ropa femenina.

Donatella Versace y Christopher Kane

Y Miuccia Prada premiada como mejor diseñadora internacional.

Miuccia Prada y Gwyneth Paltrow

Burberry como mejor marca del año y Christopher Bailey como mejor diseñador de ropa masculina; dos en uno.

Sienna Miller y Christopher Bailey

Y la guapísima Edie Campbel como modelo del año.

Edie Campbell

Trend Alert¡¡¡ esta chica también dará mucho qué hablar y qué mirar en los blogs de 'streetstyle'.

London ha dicho¡¡¡

María Vi.



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