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The Chanel Métiers d’Art show 2013/14 took place in Dallas in the United States

Every year in December, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld transport us to atypical places around the world – this time, to Dallas in Texas – for a spectacular show celebrating the Métiers d’Art…Includes interviews with Karl Lagerfeld, Kristen Stewart, Zoe Kravitz and Geraldine Chaplin.Every year in December, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld transport us to atypical places around the world – this time, to Dallas in Texas – for a show honouring the Métiers d’Art, these houses that Chanel has acquired over the years, consequently ensuring its survival (Lesage, Maison Michel, Lemarié, Desrues, etc. and more recently Causse and Barrie Knitwear). For the 2013/14 collection, a reconstructed rodeo barn within the famous art-deco building of Dallas Fair Park, welcomed the cowgirls in shirred tweed suits, denim dresses and jackets or leather ensembles mingle with Squaws, feathers crowning their heads, and wearing blouses with fringed sleeves, thick, printed scarves and ponchos or long sequined gowns embroidered with stars… Once again, a wonderful way of taking inspiration from revisited world cultures and creating something modern, evoking the story of the double C house and its creator – Dallas is the city where Coco Chanel received the Neiman Marcus prize in 1957-, in celebration of the knowledge and handcraft of these exceptional Métiers d’Art. Guests come from around the world, including Kristen Stewart, the muse for this Paris-Dallas collection, to attend a drive-in where Karl Lagerfeld’s second film ‘The Return’ was projected and ended the evening with a country hoedown… Interviews: Karl Lagerfeld: It is a mix of the kind of refined American culture from the early 19th century, but put into the 21st century. It is an idea, it is a feeling. I wanted to avoid everything that was too first degree. I think I wanted a poetic touch. That is my job and I have great people who work with me. I couldn’t do it alone, from Virginie to every girl who takes care of one department. Even if I develop the idea and the sketches all myself, because I don’t even do that, but to work it out, you need great people. Every detail is important and you cannot do it just like that. Everything has to be elaborate, refined and beautifully done and we are lucky that we have the companies to do that. Chanel sells all over the world, the clothes are supposed to be worn all over the world but they can have a local ethnic inspiration but at the same time, it has to have a universal touch and not to be something folkloric because then it would be limited. Kristen Stewart: It’s transportive. It takes you somewhere else and without feeling remotely like a costume. Everything was really elegantly beautiful and forward and kind of badass and yet cowboy themed which you wouldn’t think went together. Zoe Kravitz: I thought it was amazing. He literally combined all of my favourite things like the Civil War inspired, Native American, Mexico thing is the most amazing thing I have ever seen and it’s the way that I like to wear Chanel. My favourite thing about Chanel is that if you pair it with something really worn down it is the most amazing combination to me and he did that tonight and it was mind-blowing. Geraldine Chaplin: He is a great artist and he is a hard worker, but especially a great artist and he’s a visionary and he’s a genius. Music of thee fashion show.

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