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Party Outfits: an accessory completes a look

" Bags, jewellery, gloves, belts; an accessory makes a fashion statement and punctuates your look during these end-of-year festivities! Includes interviews with Michael Kors, Matthew Williamson, Alber Elbaz and Dean&Dan Caten.Whether giving hair a rock’n’roll touch or for a look stamped with softness, an accessory can spice up any bland outfit, giving it a bit more character. Hence, its importance…from bags to jewellery, gloves and belts, accessories are a striking fashion aspect, used to punctuate your look during this end-of-year period… The first element: gloves. Teamed with a bustier dress or as a continuation of a jacket, the glove brings a hint of elegance and completes an outfit. Long or short, in leather, it modernizes and personalizes a silhouette. In monochrome or in contrasting colours, printed and matching your clothes, it is completely graphic and chic. In tulle, hung from the wrist or in netting embroidered with rhinestones, it lights up a simple outfit. Secondly, we have the belt. This winter, it gives the waist a metallic touch. Rather impressive, it encircles both daytime clothes and eveningwear…The final essential element is jewellery. And all its individuality resides in the way you wear it, whether just on an ear, or tightening up hair…With more elaborate vision, it launches clothing into 3D. You can overindulge, you can hoard them… A true ornamentation, jewellery lights up every silhouette with its radiance. In short, accessories permit all fantasies and it would be a shame to leave it behind when welcoming in the New Year… Interviews: Michael Kors: The funny thing about their accessories, I like things that are kind of a punctuation point but at the same time I think about function. Matthew Williamson: It’s about decoration and ornamentation and I love that 3D approach. Alber Elbaz: I want to try to work with plenty of elements, with cuts, with volume, with stories, with flowers, with insects, with words, with flat shoes, with heels, with colours, with black, with white, everything works. Dean & Dan Caten: The accessories are a little bit oversized like the bowties are big, the jewellery is big. It’s time to just have fun with fashion. Music free of right/Bandit & Nikit 2012.

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