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A fresh start for Viktor & Rolf who open their first flagship store in Paris

2013 marks a big year for Viktor & Rolf, who since 2008 have belonged to Staff International (part of Renzo Rosso’s group). Whilst celebrating the 20th anniversary of their label, the Dutch Duo Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsting also extol their return to haute couture as well as the start of their international development with the opening of their first flagship store in Paris. An exclusive meeting with both designers.2013 marks a big year for Viktor & Rolf. Whilst celebrating the 20th anniversary of their label, the Dutch duo Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsting also extol new challenges; a comeback as a member of the haute couture world as well as developing their label on an international level, by the opening of their first flagship store in Paris, an expansion backed by Staff International, part of Renzo Rosso’s group that has owned Viktor & Rolf since 2008. Interviews: Viktor Horsting: We became part of the group because on a business level it is good for us because obviously it will allow us to grow but then the owner of the group who is Enzo Rosso, he is also a creative guy. Rolf Snoeren: I think, nowadays, everybody needs a partner to grow in business. Viktor Horsting: For us, it was very important that it was in Paris because we have always shown here; we started here showing haute couture, we show our ready-to-wear so we really consider Paris to be like our fashion home. Rolf Snoeren: We would like a store that kind of is invisible, a store that is not really there. Then, we started brainstorming and came up with the idea to make everything in one fabric so it is quite extreme. Viktor Horsting: It makes you think of something classical but it is also absent, it is more about what is not there than what is being shown and then the fact that it is all executed in grey felt gives it a very surreal twist obviously. Rolf Snoeren: We feel this is a good starting point for future expansion and that really is the language for future stores and corners. Viktor Horsting: It is a bit like a template; we wanted to work not only on a store that is a one-off, we wanted to work on a visual style that could be declined to corners and future stores. Rolf Snoeren: After twenty years of existence, this is what we celebrated this year, to go back to couture next to the ready-to-wear shows and opening a shop for us makes it feel as if we really fit in every category of fashion. Viktor Horsting: It feels very complete. Music free of right/Bandit & Nikit - 2012.

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