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Etro - Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Milan

The Etro girl seems to have come straight from a hot and arid desert. Wearing beaded jackets, short suede dresses in a Navajo print, and a poncho dress in fringed linen. There was a move away from the silhouette with some lighter designs, with frothy dresses in chiffon. It is exotic, refreshing and easy to wear. The motifs on the clothes were like tattoos, and the prints as trademarks of the house added a touch of femininity and ethnicity without being too folky. The top models had long hair which brushed their shoulders, with feathers on the earrings or necklaces. The soundtrack accompanied the feeling of the heat and the song “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors closed the show, and announced the stormy rain which suddenly fell on the streets of Milan. Veronica Etro: I describe this collection and woman like a free spirit because I imagine this woman being an artist living in the middle of nowhere in the desert, and she customized the prints, the jewellery and everything. I was fascinated at the beginning by the music festivals that take place in California, but not that much about the grungy and street style aesthetic, rather by it’s art scene and expression of freedom they had. I imagine her really working with the prints, and nothing had to be new, everything had to be washed, the prints were enlarged like a tattoo, and sort of watery effects were put as the background… as if she was living in the clothes and the clothes were telling her a story, a journey so there’s a lot of organic Also the fact of not using any metal, any black, she’s spiritual also because the foulards are not square anymore they’re circular and centered so to give a sort of energy and an effect like a dream catcher that’s native American tradition.

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