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Viktor & Rolf - Haute Couture Collection Autumn/ Winter 2014/15

Viktor & Rolf capitalize on fashion and haute couture in order put on a real show for us. Obsessed by the red carpet, this season they are seeing red. They honour this ceremonial rug by draping it over their models for the collection. Used as a whole look or cut up and attached like embroideries, this is perhaps a good way of recycling red carpets! Interview: Rolf Snoeren: We think of couture as a place where you can experiment. We’ve always been convinced that a fashion show is about more than just clothes, how to show it. The performance of the show is important, it does play a role but it doesn’t always play the same role, but yes we see it as a total concept. Viktor Horsting: Today everything is about red carpet dressing, but in a Viktor & Rolf way. Rolf Snoeren: There is a series of silhouettes that are executed in red carpet, and the designs are all based on a very spontaneous gesture, almost a primitive way of creating clothing. They are wrapped, they are folded, they are knotted, they are tied, and it all looks very spontaneous. Of course it’s done with couture techniques. Viktor Horsting: For us it’s a meditation on a contemporary obsession, the red carpet has become such an obsession so for us it’s a nice way of looking at it differently.

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